Gardening and Physical Education
There is an undeniable attraction between children and the earth. Civitas fosters this attraction by forging lifelong bonds between children and nature; whether it's by playing with mud, preparing the earth or by sowing seeds that eventually become food!
Mr Sohail Pervaiz is the Nutrition and Physical Education expert at Civitas. He is a certified football specialist from the Pakistan Football Federation and has represented Karachi and Sind at National level. His focus is on increasing endurance, speed, agility and strength in the Civitas athletes. Children will practice different exercises in order to strengthen techniques related to group sports including football and cricket.
He also tutors students on how to grow and care for vegetables, plants and fruits. This gives children an opportunity to learn important life skills - ones that are often overlooked in traditional curricula. Not only does it teach them environmental awareness but allows them to care for something and observe the cycle of life first hand. They learn patience, responsibility and understand what it takes to nurture a life.
In Febrauary 2009, the University of Colorado published a paper about the benefits of Gardening for children. The fact sheet for this paper can be found here